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Aid to Artisans Video What We Do

Aid to Artisans Video - 'What We Do'
World conditions change, new technologies emerge, the market continues to shift, but the essential ingredients of culture, tradition, passion and creativity inherent in sustainable artisan communities maintains a steady presence.
— Mimi Robinson, International Design Consultant

What We Do / Market Access

Aid to Artisans' marketing approach is unique. We work with all the partners in the entire distribution channel to ensure sustainability. Designing market-driven products and business training are only part of our equation. We work with artisans, exporters, importers and retailers, connecting them, and ensuring that they are working together so that each business becomes profitable. Our comprehensive marketing approach forges relationships between artisans and customers that last for decades.

Strategic Marketing Plans

Aid to Artisans Booth at the New York International Gift Fair

We work with each artisan enterprise to assess its product and business. We develop actionable marketing plans that define target markets, distribution channel strategy, costing and pricing structures, sales and marketing activities. Targeting local, regional, or export markets, and determing distribution channels requires a focused marketing plan. Our experience and vast network of market experts allows us to develop tailored strategies for all potential business models and target markets.

Depending on the specific marketing plan, we provide artisans with a variety of ways to connect to the market.

We offer artisans new to the global marketplace a unique opportunity to exhibit in our booths at the world's largest international trade shows including the New York International Gift Fair, Ambiente and Tendence Lifestyle Shows in Germany, SARCDA in South Africa and the India Handcraft Gift Fair in New Delhi. With our long standing presence in these strategic markets, we ensure that participating in these shows draws the highest impact and confidence with buyers.

The home décor, gift and fashion industries utilize Aid to Artisans as a resource for connecting their buyers to new materials, products and artisan groups. Our Trade Network is a group of socially conscious businesses that import from artisans affiliated with current or past programs. Beyond this formal Trade Network, we have a vast network in the design, home décor, and gift industries. These network connections advise us on marketing and product development, ensure the marketability of products, and provide additional market access opportunities.

We also link artisans and buyers to key account representation in the U.S. These resources include in-country and regional marketing support, buyer trips to artisan workshops, and artisan account meetings to the U.S. Buyer trips, which bring buyers to artisan workshops, allow for face-to-face meetings and the establishment of a long-term business relationship with exporters and other key players. We also assist artisans with account visits to the U.S. where they have a chance to present their businesses and sell their new collections.